About Me

Harold Cleveland is a master groomer seeking to revolutionize the barber industry. He uses specialized tools and techniques to transform his male and female clientele. Harold believes that impeccable service is the foundation to any successful business. He practices this philosophy by creating a relaxing, client-centered atmosphere, and using high-quality organic products to pamper his clients' hair and skin.

Besides offering distinct hair cutting and grooming services, Harold is an emerging barber educator. He travels throughout the U.S. to share his passion and knowledge with other barbers. His classes help barbers of any skill level become more proficient in their craft. Classes focus on marketing and branding, clipper repair, hair cutting techniques, color enhancement techniques, brand design, client retention, and much more. With the goal of setting the standard in men's hair and skin care, Harold is in the process of developing his own line of barber tools and products.

Harold Cleveland - Master Groomer

services offered


*Comes with shampoo and conditioner plus hot towel

Comes with Shampoo and conditioner, Hot towel. Beard wash is designed to help promote new hair growth, relieves any itching and scratching. Removes in grown hairs.

Shampoo and conditioner, ozone steam with Hot towel, razor and after shave astringent use for preventing bumps.

Haircut in combination with thermal scrub shampoo- combination service.

Comes with thermal scrub if needed during service, hot towel, & razor shave face and canvas. Essential rinse and aloe Vera used to balance the skin tone etc.…

Benefits: even skin Tone, revitalizes scalp, deep pore cleansing.

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working hours

tue 9.00AM - 8.00PM
wed 9.00PM - 8.00PM
thu 9.00AM - 8.00PM
fri 8.00AM - 8.00PM
sat 8.00AM - 7.00PM
sun 10.00AM - 4.00PM